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Empowering Insurance Innovation: Solartis Builder

A Deep Dive into Insurance Low Code Product Configuration Using Solartis Builder The insurance industry is in the middle of ...

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WSIA Annual Marketplace 2023

Meet up with Solartis at the WSIA Annual Marketplace 2023! September 17-20, 2023 | San Diego, CA Manchester Grand Hyatt and ...

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The Zeigarnik Effect: Unlocking Productivity with BPO

In pursuing productivity and efficiency, understanding the complexities of human psychology can be a game-changer. One ...

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Spotlight On: Revolutionizing Homeowner Insurance Policy Processing

About Solartis Insure Solartis Insure is a fully configurable, API-centric policy administration platform built entirely on ...

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Six Steps to Evaluating Insurance Office Tasks for BPO

A Practical Approach to BPO Viability Assessment Insurance business process outsourcing (BPO) provides significant benefits ...

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2023 P&C Insurance Trends

P&C insurance industry leaders are looking forward to anticipating the changes that will affect insurance companies in ...

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Spotlight On: BPO Submissions / Clearance Workflows

See how Solartis Administer BPO helped a large wholesale insurance company clear and log 300+ submissions per day with a ...

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Spotlight On: Customer Requirements Analysis

The successful implementation of any policy administration system requires a clear understanding of customer requirements ...

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Joyn’s Innovative Insurance Technology, Built on the Solartis Platform, Wins 2023 Celent Model Insurance Award for Digital and Emerging Technologies

By leveraging the Solartis Insure microservices platform, Joyn Insurance's Spark won the prize for automating and ...

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Insurance BPO

As businesses continue to grow and evolve, they constantly look for new ways to streamline their operations and improve ...

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Video clips from executives and thought leaders in the insurance industry where they share insights and experiences on the impact of microservices, business process outsourcing, and how to handle common P&C insurance challenges.

Policy Administration is not a one size fits all solution. Select a solution that is right for you.

In this video Carol McKenzie, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains the three Solartis Insure delivery options. Check it out and see if one of them is right for you.

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Policy Administration - Monolithic versus Microservices

Discover how Solartis Insure eliminates the restrictions found in monolithic platforms reduces system costs and supports unlimited opportunities for new revenue and growth.

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Taking Insurance BPO to a New Level With People and Tech

Learn more about how OptimX, a proprietary workflow technology built by Solartis, addresses the limitations of traditional insurance BPO offerings.

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Solartis Administer Overview | Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

Solartis CEO, Nick Richardson details how Solartis Administer works side by side with operational and underwriting staff to free them from time-consuming administrative activities.

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How Can Insurers Differentiate with Microservices?

Solartis CEO, Starr Companies CIO, and Celent Research Director discuss how microservices can help insurers differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Tips for Decomposing Monolithic Core Insurance Systems

Hear from Solartis CEO Nick Richardson and Starr Companies CIO Mike Toran who explain how to transition from monolithic software architecture to microservices at ITC.

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Build vs. Buy and the Insurance Customer Experience

Embroker CEO Matt Miller on the build vs. buy debate. What should you outsource to qualified third-party vendors and what should you build in-house? How should you make those decisions?

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What are Microservices and Why Do They Matter?

What are microservices and how can they be applied to insurance software? Learn why microservices matter and how they impact sustainable technology practices for insurers and startups.

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Technology Advice for Insurtechs

What should startups in the insurance technology industry focus on? How should they build their software? Hear from Mark Dennis, European CEO of Munich Re Digital Partners, and get his advice on these topics.

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How Microservices Support Rapid Product Launch for Insurtechs

Microservices support insurtechs & make innovative product launches quickly simple. Tyrre Burks, Founder of Player's Health, discusses how microservices help him focus on core competencies.

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Digital Transformation and Organizational Changes with Microservices

Adopting microservices architecture for policy administration has many benefits, but there are both technological and organizational challenges that must be handled.

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Insurance APIs and Open API Architecture

Learn more about the impact of insurance APIs on traditional insurers and startups. What do these organizations stand to gain from building policy administration software using modern software architecture?

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Solartis Helps Seneca Insurance Enter the Binding Authority Market

Read our Solartis Insure success story to learn how we helped our customer automate their new program in record …

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eBooks and White Papers

Learn how to grow your insurance business.

P&C Insurance Challenges that Encourage BPO

Learn how insurers and MGAs leverage BPO to streamline operations, gain competitive advantages and install administrative best practices.

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Microservices are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Discover how insurers can future-proof their business with microservices. For decades insurers have gone back and forth on "The Build vs. Buy Debate."

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Launch Insurance Products Faster

Learn how you can leverage the power of microservices to deploy insurance products in less time.

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How Microservices Power Rapid Product Launches

Read our Insuretech Connect 2018 summary to get insights from insurance industry leaders who share knowledge on how microservices impact both traditional insurers and startups.

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Solve Real-World Insurance Problems with Microservices

Solartis challenged participants in the Solartis Microservices Hackathon to solve real-world insurance problems using microservices.

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Learn more about how Solartis products and services can improve your business and reduce challenges.

Solartis Administer: A New Breed of BPO Combining People and Tech.

Read about how Solartis Administer can improve turnaround time, reduce backlogs, improve quality, and to solve staffing and hiring challenges…

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Fact Sheets & One-pagers

Drive innovation, speed, and efficiency for your insurance business.

Overcome Business Process Challenges in Insurance Administration

Learn how you can avoid insurance paperwork overload with proven human solutions.

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Increase Speed-to-Market with a Ratings Microservice

Read our fact sheet to learn how a rating microservice can help your insurance company deliver innovative products faster.

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Implement A Modern Insurance Policy Administration System

Jumpstart your company's transition to a modern insurance policy administration system and gain a competitive advantage.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how we helped insurers succeed.

CHIC Improved Policy Administration and Customer Service with 2 Solartis Products

See how Solartis Insure and Administer helped CHIC combine people and technology to deliver auto insurance policies in just 15 minutes.

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BriteCo's Innovative Appraisal & Insurance Management System, Built on a Microservice Architecture

Read the case study to learn how Solartis helped BriteCo launch an innovative jewelry appraisal system in just 6 months with microservices.

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Starr Companies, launching ISO-based products in record-breaking time

Solartis Insure Microservices Platform enabled this client to build an ISO-based solution in weeks while reducing quote processing time from 10 minutes to 3 seconds.

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Solartis Administer: On-Demand 24/7 Staffing Solutions

Our customer used Solartis Administer in areas of the company that generally had a high turnover employee rate. This allowed the reallocation of resources to higher-value activities and natural attrition.

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Solartis Insure: Speed-to-Market

We helped this client bring its Accident & Health and Middle Market targeted products to market faster & easily while reducing administration, maintenance & management costs significantly.

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Solartis Insure: Self-Service

This customer deployed their Middle Market binding authority program in 6 months using Solartis Insure —leading to an increase in revenue and coverages.

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Solartis Insure: Powerful Configuration Capabilities

Our customer increased its policy production from 300 to 400 policies/month to over 10,000 policies/month today. This resulted in a revenue increase over a period of 6 years while reducing policy administration & IT costs.

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R-T Specialty / LoVullo Grows Business with Solartis’ Business Process Outsourcing

Read our Solartis BPO success story to learn how we helped our customer grow their business and improve their customer service.

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Solartis Helps Seneca Insurance Enter the Binding Authority Market

Read our Solartis Insure success story to learn how we helped our customer automate their new program in record time.

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